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· One min read
Parham Parvizi

Every major company is going through a digital transformation. Data engineers are making it happen. They’re the number one priority right now. Stitchdata posted its research on the job market—finding 6,500 data engineers on LinkedIn—and 6,600 open data engineering positions on Indeed. Companies need to switch to the Cloud to meet shifting customer demand but there aren’t enough workers to make it happen.

· 11 min read
Parham Parvizi

A quick deep-dive into Apache Spark, the most popular distributed data engineering tool.

What is Spark? Why is it so popular? When and how to use it?

Learn the difference between the sub components (RDDs, DataFrames, SQL, Streaming, ...), setup PySpark , and learn how to write Spark transformations using Python and Jupyter Notebook.

· 8 min read
Parham Parvizi

While Data Engineering and Data Science are commonly interchanged terms, there are distinct differences in responsibilities and skills of each group that
distinguishes the two.

In short... Data Engineering is the practice of gathering and preparing data which is used by the data science models and algorithms.

· 23 min read
Parham Parvizi

Python Pandas is the #1 tool inside a Data Engineer or Data Scientist toolbox. It allows you to read/write data from a large variety of file formats; and provides extensive built-in functionality to aggregate, join, filter, and transform dataset with high performance. Pandas is the fastest and easiest tool to extract, transform, and load (ETL) dataset which fit in memory and can be process by a single machine.

This lesson will teach you the basic pandas Data Engineering skills.

· 3 min read
Jennifer Batara

Thanks for your interest in learning more about Data Engineering! We've complied a list of pre-requisites that you should be familiar with before starting this course. This course starts at a mid-level and assumes you have a general understanding of computers. We don't require much, but we do need you to know Python and SQL well. We would heavily rely and build upon those skills throughout the course.